Me In A Nutshell

Before eating the nutshell, please note that this bio is a bit obsolete. Since end of 2020, I created Siopi. Still want to help people but now I’m applying machine learning to help people with chronic disease. BCI is still in my heart but unfortunately, I can’t be married with both.

I am passionate about Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), prosthesis controlled by bioelectrical signals and embedded systems that improve the daily life of patients/users. I work to develop these technologies that will be the core of our future society. My “thing” is to clean, analyze and classify electroencephalographic data (EEG). I love to push the boundaries of what I know, and challenge myself to do always better. I often use the magic formulation of “neural data scientist” to qualify my work, but unfortunately I’m no unicorn (yet).

Currently working as independent researcher, I develops neural data science expertise and implement related solutions for companies. My fields are EEG, BCI (active / passive), and bioelectricals signals processing, mental state classification, experimental design, etc. During my spare time, I’m collaborating with several labs to stay sharp and develop new tools for EEG.

I own an Ph.D from Univ. Grenoble Alpes, France. During my thesis years under the ERC project CHESS, I developed a multi-player Brain-Computer Interface videogame Brain Invaders 2 and built two experimental protocols for hyperscanning (120+ subjects screened). I designed new methods for independent source separation, and explored different classification strategies when several subject’s data are simultaneously available. I still work closely with GIPSA-lab and my former advisors Pr. Christian Jutten and Dr. Marco Congedo to promote our Brain-Computer Interfaces and electroencephalographic analysis tools (Riemannian Geometry, Multi-user based BCI, Blind Source Seperation, etc.).

I’m also an engineer (M.Eng), graduated from Polytech Nancy (former ESSTIN, France) with a dual degree in Embedded Systems (M.Sc). I have also been studying Biomedical Signal Processing at Linköping University (Sweden). It is important for me to take responsibilities to help my community. I do as much as I can to develop new activities/actions. Among the responsibilities that I am proud of, I have been: elected student representative at the research council of the Univ. Grenoble-Alpes (former Univ. Joseph Fourrier), elected Vice-President of Nancy’s engineering students Union (5000+ students), President and co-organizer of a 3000+ participants cultural event  (Les Joutes du Téméraire).

It happens that I read political essays, economic books, and philosophy dissertation without finding it too boring. Right-now, my favorite topics are “How fiction affects reality (and what happens when it doesn’t)?” and, closely related, modern existentialism. Yeah, maybe I should be an unicorn.

That’s was a pretty large nutshell. Thanks for reading!

Image: Kungsleden, Northern Sweden, June 2012