How a Random Guy Helped me Cure a 7-years Long Depression (Youtube: Louis GREEN)

It was very hard to do this video. 😬

Not only because I had no idea how to film or cut a video before 😆

But because I lived with chronic depression for several years and, of course, it is painful to talk about it 😣… and also absolutely necessary.

I know that a lot of people faced similar issues, maybe with depression or with another chronic disease. We are not talking about it 😶.

We are ashamed. I was ashamed. 😥

On top of our symptoms, we faced the “medical wandering” ⛰, a nice term to say that we are completely lost in our condition(s) and we can meet as many doctors as we want, nothing seems to make things better.

For me, it was almost comical than it took my 7 years to find a solution and not from a doctor.

To be clear: I don’t believe this is the fault of doctors. I met fantastic doctors, the majority were skilled, empathic, and really cared about me. But I think that, like me, these doctors were losted in my “medical wandering” too. I didn’t have the right words to express my pain. I lack to tools to navigate the maze of different medical disciplines and therapies.

When I founded, I meet dozen of people with tinnitus. And I was suprised they faced (more or less) the same medical wandering.

🤯 I can’t stop thinking about all the people I met the last year, and not only tinnitus (omg, so many testimonies of women, what’s wrong with women health?!? 🤷‍♀️).

Everyday I wake up to try to find solution. I’m no medical doctor but I think I can help in a different way.

Could we replicate my experience? I believe so.

And we should do much more.

❓ Do you know someone who experience “medical wandering”. Let me know in comment (or PM)👇.

Each testimony is very important for us to understand what is going on.

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