Brain Invaders 2 Release

At GIPSA-lab, we developed Brain Invaders, a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) video game based on visual Event-Related Potential (ERP) classification with 36 symbols. We are happy to release the second version of the software. See code for download.

New features of “Brain Invaders 2“:
-multi-player support (we propose scenarios for 1-2 players but it can be easily modified for more players).
-extended ERP classification methods for multi-subject (ensemble learning of several classifiers or data concatenation).
-3 new game mode (Collaboration, Competition, Cooperation)

It includes also the previous features:
-using OpenVIBE and python for the data acquisition and classification
-No calibration required & adaptative classification.
-Many adjustable parameters for research purpose: Inter-Stimulus Interval (ISI), Number of repetitions, number of level, etc.

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