Wanna try some Riemannian Geometry?

Wanna try some riemannian geometry?

“Riemannian Geometry” is maybe less sexy than “Deep Learning” 🤔 But yesterday, we had up to 90 researchers and students at our workshop for the Brain Computer Interface Society #vBCI2021. 🚀 You couldn’t make it?! 😥 No worry, all the resources are available on Github 😁. You can find slides and code examples to learn […]

Methods for multi-subject electroencephalography – published

My thesis manuscript is available ! The manuscript of my thesis “Methods for Multi-Subject Electroencephalography and application to Brain-Computer Interfaces” has finally be published online (>>download on HAL<<). Of course, not everyone has the time and the motivation to read the 137 pages (225 with annexes) in French, so an abstract in english is also […]

Thesis defense – oct. 17, 2018

I am really proud to announce the public defense of my thesis work (provided that I have the approval of the reviewers). Methods for multi-subject electroencephalography and application to brain-computer interfaces Wednesday, October 17th 2018 at 10:00 Location:     Salle Mont-Blanc, GIPSA-lab, Bat. D Ampère 1er étage, 11 rue des mathématiques, 38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France. Access:     […]

Tribute to Stephen Hawking – From Stars to Neurosciences

Blind Source Separation & Riemannian Geometry Classification

Thanks Stephen Hawking for your wonderful contributions to humankind. When I was 14, you explained me the concepts of relativity and entropy with your book “A Brief History of Time” and it changed everything for me, especially the way I’ll understand Neurosciences and Brain-Computer Interfaces. Who knows that several years later, I would work in […]

EUSIPCO16: Presenting Composite Approximate Joint Diagonalization

We were in EUSIPCO 2016 conference in Budapest to present our work on Blind Source Separation with Approximate Joint Diagonalization. We shared the idea that using several data models simultaneously can improve the robustness of the data mining. Our composite model was used to discriminate Event-Related Potential sources from background brain activity with low resolution […]

EMBC’15 in Milano

I was in Milano for the 37th International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medecine and Biology (EMBC 2015). I presented a communication during an oral session, both the paper and the powerpoint are available (see publications). Paper reference : 2015 “Single-Trial Classification of Multi-User P300-Based Brain-Computer Interface Using Riemannian Geometry” (Louis Korczowski, Marco Congedo, Christian Jutten) Conference: 37th […]